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About Brandon

My name is Brandon and I'm an advertising photographer based out of Newtown PA. I'm a writer for where he discusses the business of photography, lighting, Photoshop and Lightroom, and many more topics.

My goal is to show people and products with as much grandeur as possible. I feel that everything has the potential to be made larger than life, if only you look at it the right way. With businesses, perception is reality and photography is one of the best ways to showcase yourself or your business. If people percieve you or your products as looking professional, half of the battle is already won.


A little bit more about me.

I have lived in PA my entire life. I’m extremely passionate about what I do and I feel that it is reflected in my work. Photography is one of the only things that I will wake up before sunrise to do. I will bend over backwards to ensure that you or your company gets the images you imagined, and exceed even that.

I’m currently working on a large personal project which involves photographing and interviewing combat veterans. The interviews delve into their experiences overseas in war zones and also the transition from military to civilian life.

Contact Me

Phone: 484-797-0860