Why Prints Are Better Than Digital Files

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You had your photoshoot and you’re really excited to see the results. After a few weeks your photographer mails you a flash drive with rights to print or post them to social media. You see the photos and they are stunning! You’re over the moon with how they turned out. Once you’ve looked them over and picked your favorites, you post them to Facebook and Instagram. They get more likes than any photo you’ve ever posted and the comments are rolling in non-stop. Eventually the comments and likes slow as the photos are buried in the noise that is social media. Eventually you post other photos from your life and the professional shots get lost in the mess. You intended to get them printed but now a year has passed the flash drive is in a drawer collecting dust. Life gets in the way and despite paying that much for the photos you forget about them. In the age of social media I can see why it’s appealing to get files from your photoshoot, and that’s fine, but getting prints is so important. Here’s why.


While the JPG format has been around for quite some time now, no one knows where future technology will end up. The JPG may lose compatibility with your computer, but a print never loses compatibility with your wall. Social media platforms come and go too. You may have posted a 1,000 photos to MySpace, but who sees them there anymore? A print or an album is something you can hand down to your kids or give to your family. High quality archival prints will last more than 100 years if taken care of properly, and may not even fade in that time.


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I can’t speak for you, but if I had photos done of my wife and I or my family and pets, I’d want to see them hanging somewhere everyday. Every time I saw it out of the corner of my eye it would bring memories flooding back. Time after time I hear people say that they had photos done but they never got them printed. Theres no point in getting photos done if they are going to be thrown in a drawer and never see the light of day.

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Now more than ever, getting something that you can pick up or turn the pages of is unique and meaningful. Seeing a photo that isn’t displayed on an LCD screen is becoming more and more of a rarity. Holding an album and feeling it’s weight, feeling the texture of the paper, and smelling the ink is an experience in itself. High quality prints are also classy and make a statement about your tastes. A print can make any room glow, and a leather album is a great conversation piece. Your guests will shower you with compliments; infinitely more meaningful than writing a comment on Facebook.

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You may not realize it, but the photos you already have of your parents or grandparents mean a lot to you. Survey after survey show that photos are some of the items people are most likely to save in the event of a house fire. The next generation of your family will feel the same way about your photos. Don’t leave them with nothing to hold on to by putting everything on social media or uploading it to the cloud.

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