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March 27, 2018 Brandon 0 Comments

Hilary and Calvin’s wedding was our first one of the year! It was held on Saint Patrick’s Day, complete with bagpipes and kilts! The wedding featured a hand-fasting ceremony in which the guests came up and laid ribbon over Hilary and Calvin’s hands. It was then prepared in a way that would tie a knot upon pulling their hands out. The hand-fasting ceremony has roots in Celtic tradition and dates back thousands of years. As you may know or have already guessed, this ceremony is the origin of the phrase “tie the knot.”

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Berks County Wedding

Bridesmaid at Stirling Guest Hotel

Stirling Guest Hotel

Bagpipes at Reading PA Wedding

Berks County Wedding

Tying the knot - Reading PA

Bride and Groom Reading PA

Stirling Guest Hotel Wedding

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