One North Broad Wedding | Dan & Josh

March 2, 2022 Brandon 0 Comments

This wedding was hands down the most magnificent wedding I’ve ever been to and I don’t think it will ever be beat. Dan and Josh’s theme was Gothic Steampunk and their guests really brought the heat with their garb. Between the absolutely stunning venue and the guests in immaculate costumes, it was like working on the set of a movie. The energy during the reception was electric and contagious. Everyone brought out all of their best moves and near the end of the night there was a best costume competition.

One North Broad‘s namesake comes from it’s address, but the venue itself is hosted in the Philadelphia Masonic Temple. If you’ve never been, you’re missing out on quite the experience. As soon as you walk in you realize how dwarfed you are by the sheer scale of the temple. It’s essentially a church and museum of human history. There are seven halls in the theme of Oriental, Egyptian, Ionic, Norman, Renaissance, Corinthian, and Gothic architecture, each able to accomodate 125 to 450 guests. On top of themed halls, there is also a Grand Ballroom featuring a larger than life statue of Benjamin Franklin (pictured below), it was in this room that the reception was held.

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