How I Photographed My Own Couples Pictures

Wyomissing Couples Photography
January 31, 2018 Brandon 0 Comments

Alyssa and I met in October 2016 and have been head over heels for each other ever since. Being a photographer, I naturally suggested that we do couples pictures after dating for only a few months. Was I jumping the gun? Probably. Did the pictures turn out great anyway? Absolutely! We did the same thing again on our anniversary, this time at a different location (last three images).

One of the benefits of being a photographer is having the knowledge and equipment necessary to do photos for yourself. Not only is it satisfying to do them your way and know exactly what you’re getting, but it’s free! Another benefit for Alyssa and I, both being introverts, is that we were completely comfortable in front of the camera. There was no one on the other side of the camera and it allowed us to forget there was one pointed at us at all. However, for a brief period of time, there was one other person with us. While we were walking in to get set up we stumbled upon a hunter walking through the woods. Sorry Mr. Hunter! Unexpectedly running into a hunter made for an even more memorable and funny experience though. The juxtaposition between our couples pictures and the hunter…you had to be there.

I did both of these photoshoots the same way. I set up my camera on a tripod, attached an intervalometer, and periodically took photos as Alyssa and I did different poses. To get the shot I wanted, I had Alyssa stand in for me so I could focus and compose the shot. Once everything was set I hit the button and ran. The intervalometer was set to take 10 photos with a 5 second delay between shots. This gave us enough time to get into a new position and after 10 shots, see what we got. All of the photos were taken with a 5D Mkiii and a few different lenses, the Sigma 50mm Art, Canon 85mm f/1.8, and the Canon 135mm f/2. Both sets of images were taken using only natural light. I have taken a few of the two of us in the studio but the process is still the same. Overall the process is really easy and I will definitely be doing it more in the future!

If you’re just getting into photography or are a professional yourself, I definitely suggest trying this! If you’re an amateur, it’s great practice for location scouting and composition. If you’re a pro, getting in front of the camera yourself if a valuable exercise. It will give you perspective about what your clients will be feeling when you’re photographing them. The empathy you gain in the process will help you relax your clients and give better direction.

Couples in woods

Couples pictures

Reading PA Couples Pictures

Reading PA Engagement Photos

Reading PA Engagement Photographer

Wyomissing Couples Photography

Wyomissing Engagement Photography

Wyomissing Couples Pictures


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