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Couple walks down industrial looking alley at Goggle Works
March 23, 2018 Brandon 0 Comments

Kevin and Chanel are from out of state and were in the Reading for the day to see Kevin Hart at the Santander Arena. Kevin reached out to me about an engagement shoot he wanted to do in just a few days. It turns out, the photoshoot was a surprise for his fiancé! It was awesome to be a part of the surprise. Just looking at the photos is enough to tell you that they are very happy together.

One of my favorite parts about my job is that no matter how little time I get to spend with people, the photos will be cherished forever. I think that discrepancy between value given and time spent is unique to photography. Literal fractions of a second turn into something so immensely valuable to us.

Thanks to some careful framing and editing, most of the photos look as if it were a bright and warm spring day, despite the 6″+ inches of snow we got the day before.

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Spring Engagement Photos

Wyomissing Engagment Photos

Engagement couple outside of Goggle Works

Reading PA Engagement Photos

Goggle Works Engagement Photos

Goggle Works Reading PA

Goggle Works

Reading PA Photographer

Photographer in Reading PA

Berks County Photographer

Berks county engagement

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