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Exeter Senior Portrait of cheerleader in uniform
February 27, 2018 Brandon 0 Comments

Danielle was the lucky winner of a high school senior portrait giveaway hosted last year. Danielle’s cheerleading team won nationals this year!  Her and her mother Cynthia introduced me to a wonderful location that I hadn’t been to or heard of before. It seems that no other photographers know about it either, so it will remain a closely guarded secret for my clients and I. It was a beautiful fall day, the foliage was at it’s peak, and the light was amazing. I almost always try to backlight my photos, regardless of who or what I’m photographing. It prevents any harsh light from hitting the subject and makes for vibrant backgrounds. It’s a staple of my style, as you may have noticed from my portfolios.

If you want to find out more about my business and it’s offerings you can check out my high school senior portrait services page and gallery!

Exeter Eagles Senior Portrait

Exeter Eagles

Senior Portraits - Exeter

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