Carriage House of New Hope Wedding | Ellen & Zak

Grooms dips and kisses bride in a street on New Hope
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What better way to kick off 20201 than a beautiful New Years day wedding? Ellen and Zak’s wedding started at the Carriage House in New Hope where we photographed the bride and groom’s parties getting ready, did first looks with Ellen’s father and Zak which was then followed by portraits and family photos. The ceremony was held at Old St. Andrews in Newtown and the wedding concluded with a tented back yard reception.

Brides heels and bouquet close up
Brides heels and bouquet
Wedding ring held up by brides shoes
Wedding rings in front of brides heels
Wedding dress and heels
Makeup artist works on bride
Bride inspecting her dress while it hangs from doorway
Bride getting buttoned into her dress
Mother of the bride helping button up dress
Bridesmaid and mother putting veil in brides hair
Bridesmaid putting veil in brides hair
Bride putting necklace on mother before wedding
Bridesmaid helping bride with her shoes
Mother of the groom places boutonniere on lapel
Groom adjusting his tie after getting dressed for wedding
Bridal portrait on porch of Carriage House
Outdoor bridal portrait at Carriage House
Bridal portrait at Carriage House of New Hope
Bridal Portrait with Delaware River in background
Father and bride first look
Father of bride approaching groom
Bride and father making goofy faces at each other
Bride and father laughing together
Bride walking up behind groom before first look
Bride tapping groom on the shoulder before first look
Bride laughing right before groom turns around to see bride for first time
Bride places hand on grooms cheek during first look
Bride and groom kiss during first look
First look with bride and groom at Carriage House in New Hope PA
Couple kissing after first look before wedding
Bride and groom first look at Carriage House in New Hope
Bride and groom looking into each others eyes in front of brick wall with green door
Bride and groom hold hands and walk together, laughing, after first look
Bride and groom laughing while nose kissing
Groom kissing bride on forehead during posed portrait session
Groom dips bride
Groom spins bride in front of Carriage House of New Hope
Groom spins bride in wedding dress
Groom leans against stone wall facing his bride
Bride and groom kiss outside at Carriage House
Bride and groom pose on stairs at New Hope Carriage House
Outdoor posed family portrait at Carriage House of New Hope
Wide view of Old St. Andrews in Newtown PA
Bride and father walk down aisle together
Bride hugs father at beginning of wedding ceremony
Couple laugh with Monseigneur during Catholic wedding
Wide shot of Old St. Andrews in Newtown PA during wedding ceremony
Bride laughing with groom at wedding ceremony
Groom slips ring over finger of bride during wedding ceremony
Bride and groom kiss at wedding ceremony at Old St. Andrews in Newtown PA
Bride and groom exit church after wedding ceremony
Sweetheart table
S'more wedding decorations
Groom kissing bride on forehead during first dance
Groom looking into brides eyes while dancing at reception
Bride and groom dancing at reception
Bride dancing with father at reception
Groom dancing with mother at wedding reception
Bride holding baby at wedding reception
Bride dancing with her grandfather at wedding reception
Newly weds dancing during reception
Grandfather dancing with granddaughter at wedding reception
Groom using beer bottle as microphone during reception
Couple dancing with quests holding sparklers in background
Couple dancing with guests holding sparklers
Couple cutting wedding cake together
Couple feeding wedding cake to each other
Grandfather dancing with daughter and granddaughter

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