Savannah + Ken | Harvest View Barn Wedding | Elizabethtown Wedding Photographer

Sparkler send off
January 9, 2018 Brandon 0 Comments

Savannah and Ken have had an amazing journey. They met each other while in China. One night Ken was playing piano alone and Savannah went to investigate. The rest is history. Since then they went to different colleges, far away from each other. They both traveled to other countries for months at a time while the other stayed behind. Still their unwavering love for each other endured.

This was the first wedding I photographed at the Harvest View Barn, back in August. It’s a beautiful wedding venue located in Elizabethtown, not far from Lancaster. If I posted all of the amazing pictures from Savannah and Ken’s wedding this post would go on forever. Everywhere I pointed the camera there was a stunning moment and gorgeous background to be captured.

I also did their engagement photos in Wyomissing before this! We went to a beautiful secluded park (the location of which will remain a secret) near sunset. They used a canvas print from the engagement session as their wedding guest book!

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