Exeter Senior Portraits | Danielle

Exeter Senior Portraits
February 27, 2018 Brandon 0 Comments

Danielle was the lucky winner of a high school senior portrait giveaway hosted last year. Danielle’s cheerleading team won nationals this year!  Her and her mother Cynthia introduced me to a wonderful location that I hadn’t been to or heard of before. It seems that no other photographers know about it either, so it will remain a closely guarded secret for my clients and I. It was a beautiful fall day, the foliage was at it’s peak, and the light was amazing. I almost always try to backlight my photos, regardless of who or what I’m photographing. It prevents any harsh light from hitting the subject and makes for vibrant backgrounds. It’s a staple of my style, as you may have noticed from my portfolios.

We are currently looking for senior models from the class of 2019. If you’re a student, you can earn cash and have a chance to win an iPad Mini! Parents of senior representatives earn 15% off all purchases and a free 11×14 print! Follow the link here for more information!

Exeter Eagles Senior Portrait

Exeter Eagles

Senior Portraits - Exeter

Cheerleading Senior Photos

Exeter High School

Reading PA Photographer

Reading PA Senior Portraits

Berks County Senior Portaits

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